Top Five Live Webcam Sites

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  1. Earthcam: Want to get out of town, but don’t have the time?  Take a mini vacation on Earthcam, and you can visit Times Square, Tokyo, Amsterdam, and more with the click of a mouse.
  2. Monterey Bay Aquarium: You’ll be mesmerized by the underwater beauty at Monterey Bay Aquarium.  This great site not only has a live webcam, but has podcasts, a video library, and live webcasts of otters at feeding time.
  3. Sportsman’s Paradise Online: If you’ve ever wanted to observe a bald eagle in its natural habitat, you won’t want to miss Sportsman’s Paradise online.  If you go online now, you’ll get a treat–there are two new hatchlings..
  4. Miami and Beaches: This is the cheapest way to see Miami, by far.  You can visit Coconut Grove, take a stroll down Ocean Drive, then hop over to Lincoln Road–all from your computer screen.
  5. Africam:  Enjoy a mini safari with Africam, where you can watch elephants and other wildlife from a safe distance.